Top 5 Simple Ways You Could Be Damaging You Car

top 5 ways you could be damaging your car

Let us agree, you and I want to maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable car at all times. However, it is difficult to make these wishes a constant reality. Moreover, little do we know that the common things we neglect doing can contribute to the slow but sure deterioration of our car. That is why it is important to educate ourselves how to properly do car maintenance. In this article, we have listed 5 ways we could be damaging our car. These include damaging methods we unintentionally do and the things that we ought to do but often disregard.

1. Not Changing the Oil

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For every car, whether old or new, regular checking and changing of oil is a must. You can never ignore this important maintenance task. As you may know, our car’s engine needs sufficient lubrication in order for it to run smoothly. But do you know that every time the car is used, its oil wears off? Also, dust, debris, and dirt tend to cling to the old and dirty oil. Nothing can be farther from the fact that accumulated dirt creates sludges that are highly detrimental to the engine. Also, insufficient lubrication makes engine parts hotter due to unnecessary additional friction. Therefore, the engine tends to overheat. Also, insufficient lubrication makes the engine work harder, thus requiring more fuel consumption which translates to extra fuel expense.

So be sure to check the oil level and change the oil as scheduled – ideally every six months. Ignoring this process can make any vehicle at risk of getting damaged. The car’s longevity is highly dependent on its proper lubrication.

2. Forgetting to Flush the Cooling System


You would not want to see your car emitting smoke from the hood, right? So, another vital maintenance task to never forget is checking on the car’s cooling system. This is commonly called a ‘radiator flush.’ A car engine cooling system is responsible for transferring the heat to the air. Also, it is also responsible for maintaining the consistent, appropriate temperature in the car’s engine.

Neglecting maintenance of the cooling system will cause unnecessary damage to the engine. So there is no reason why you should forget such a necessary routine. It is recommended that you have this once a year. You can do it by yourself, or you can also avail of a cooling system service. The process involves flushing of the cooling system and changing the coolant. A ratio of one is to one would be the appropriate amount of the coolant and the distilled water. Doing this ensures excellent cooling system function; thus avoiding the risk of engine overheat and damage.

3. Neglecting Regular Washing of Car

The most basic maintenance any car owner must not neglect is the regular washing of the car. Car’s body, glass, wheels, and engine require regular bathing just like a human would require. Neglected dirt or dust, no matter how little, may leave your car looking dull and old. Moreso, dirt, and grime accumulated over time. That is why a regular washing is a must – especially for new cars. However, you must be careful when washing to avoid swirl marks that will make the car look dull. You have to use the cleaning solution solely intended for cars. Also, use appropriate wash mitts for cleaning and microfibre towels for drying. Be wise enough to use only the recommended shampoo and products to avoid damaging the paint and luster of your car.

Pressure washers work wonders when washing the shampoo off your car. They provide just the right amount of washing and rinsing pressure every car needs.

4. Skimping on Auto Detailing

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Car washing maintains your car’s cleanliness. However, contaminants such as grime, acid marks, watermarks, etc. may still bond on your car’s surface over time. Also, stains, odor, and dust may steep through the interiors of your car. That is why cars need more than the regular cleaning. They need intensive cleaning, more commonly called ‘auto detailing.’ This essentially means cleaning the car up to the minute details. Thus, making the car clean, always brand-new looking, protected, and comfortable. It involves restoring or even beating the original look and feel of the car. This includes the car’s body (exterior), chrome trim, glass (windows, windshield), mags and wheels, engine, and everything inside the car (interior).

To achieve this, car detailers appropriately rub off contaminants, swirls, grime, etc. They clean, treat and deodorize rugs, seats, covers, leather, etc. Glasses are also cleared, as well as mags and rims.

5. Skipping the Polishing

It is a common notion that old cars need polishing. However, new cars also need such. This is because new seemingly shining cars also need added layer of protection that regular polishing can provide. Car washing makes the car clean, but polishing protects the car from dirt accumulation, acid marks, rain marks, etc. It also protects the paint by making contaminants less likely to adhere to the paint. Polishing of cars includes usage of car waxes, paint sealants, and paint protectants.

The latest and best technological advancement in car protection is the ceramic coating. It is a multi-layer, clean, nano-ceramic coating that involves a curing process to provide permanent and durable glass shield. It works like a clear coat but thrice the durability and slickness. This protects the paint from minor scratches and lowers surface tension from environmental contaminants. Thus, preserving the original paint of the car. Compared to ordinary waxing and sealants, the ceramic coating does not easily degrade. It requires rough abrasion for it to be removed. Thus, ensuring protection for years.

It is imperative that you avoid these five detrimental practices to avoid car problems and risks. Now that you are already informed about them, it is high time to avoid them and do what we suggested – all for your beloved car’s sake.

Top 5 Simple Ways You Could Be Damaging You Car
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Top 5 Simple Ways You Could Be Damaging You Car
Let us agree, you and I want to maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable car at all times. However, it is difficult to make these wishes a constant reality.
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