Sun Joe SPX2000 Review 2018

Sun-Joe-SPX2000-best pressure washer for cars 2018 review

This post is about our Sun Joe SPX2000 Review 2018. We have here a comprehensive evaluation of the product.

Best used for:

The Sun Joe SPX2000 pressure washer is highly recommended for cleaning cars, every vehicle, and just about every common household cleaning need. It is an excellent machine for removing stubborn dirt, health-threatening molds, moss, debris, and clingy dust on garages, patios, pavers, walkways, sidewalks, walls, decks, and sidings. The product efficiently makes every tile, brick, wood, and cemented areas look brand-new again. Moreover, It is a great tool for prepping surfaces prior to sealing. This pressure washer is also effective in cleaning and brightening tables, chairs, rugs, wooden furniture, and just about anything.

It can also be used for small business necessities such as cleaning the mess out of screen printing jobs.


  • This pressure washer is powerful. However, its pressure is not strong enough to strip the paint off your car. Rest assured that your precious car gets all the cleaning without the paint getting damaged.
  • The machine and the pressure work great. Its motor is powerful but not loud. This is considered a quiet device despite the power it gives off.
  • Portable and easy to use. It is lightweight so it is very easy to drag along every cleaning surface. The unit is very easy to control. It only runs when the trigger is pulled, which is an excellent safety feature.
  • The pressure washer works and adjusts to alternately work from being a fan to steam spray. It is very versatile.
  • You do not need multiple nozzles simply because its single nozzle can be adjusted to meet every cleaning requirement.
  • The soap dispenser is great. It effectively gets the job done.
  • The wheels are light but the unit still comes with a great balance.
  • Its hose, wand, and power cord lengths are appropriately sized.


  • Overall, the unit of the pressure washer is great. However, the hose connector is made of plastic. Tha is why some parts quickly disconnect when the unit is under pressure.
  • Another drawback is the pressure hose. It is made of a low quality plastic material; hence, it is not manageable when rolled up or extended. When being used, it also has the tendency to leak. Sometimes, it even disconnects.
  • Lastly, when the controls on the nozzle are rotated, the nozzle barrel rotates despite being locked.

Sun Joe SPX2000 Review 2018 Recommendations:

The Sun Joe SPX2000 pressure washer is so effective in cleaning cars and just about every surface. When correctly used with its soap dispenser, it makes car washing a breeze.

Since the hose connector is made up of low quality plastic, it easily disconnects being used under pressure. So we recommend that you buy metal components and replace the plastic ones. These may be additional costs but very cheap to have considering the benefits. Moreover, the product will serve better if you use it with a garden hose quick connector. You do not have to deal with the challenge of connecting your garden hose.

When the nozzle barrel rotates everytime the nozzle is rotated, you must use two hands while handling the barrel. Hence, requiring the other hand to be a support.

We also recommend that you also buy an expanding hose. The unit’s female to female connectors works best for the new expandable hoses currently available in the market. Using such hose will make the cleaning work more of a breeze because you can move the machine more easily and reach more spaces during the process.

We really intend to make this Sun Joe SPX2000 Review 2018 of ours help you in arriving at the best choice in availing the best pressure washer to use for your car.  In addition, you can easily compare this product with other pressure washers that made it to our top list pressure washers for the year 2018. You can read about the 10 Best Pressure Washer for Cars 2018. It is our extensive and comparative review.
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Product Specification:

Here are the specific details of the product.


Sun Joe



Power Source

Corded Electric

Pressure Rating

1740 PSI

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Sun Joe SPX2000
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