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This post is about our GreenWorks GPW1702 Review 2018. Read about our comprehensive evaluation of the product.

Best used for:

The GreenWorks GPW1702 pressure washer works great for cleaning cars, trucks, and similar transport vehicles. The product works great for removing clingy dust, moss, algae, and debris on floors, walls, wooden furniture, and just about any surface. Whether cemented, bricked, or tiles surfaces, this pressure washer swiftly removes every impurity. Thus, leaving your driveways, garage, sidewalks, pathways, patios, decks, pavers, and just about any surface clean and bright again in no time. It also works great for stripping off paints and loosing grim off doors and any wooden stuff. This product is used for regular household cleaning such as washing screens, windows, sidings, etc. It also effectively cleans fences and just about any outdoor essentials.


  • The product works as efficient as a gas-powered unit.
  • It is very compact and super lightweight. You can easily carry it along as well as tip it over.
  • The unit comes with a rollable hose. You can easily roll it up once you’re done with cleaning; thus saving time.
  • It comes with a long power cord and a long hose so you can reach out in a lot of areas.
  • The unit is easy to assemble, handle, and use. It has wheels so it is very convenient to take it to different cleaning areas. It is also compact; thus requiring only a small space for storage.
  • It boasts of providing great pressure using a little amount of water.
  • This small but powerful pressure washer is very reliable. It is able to work continuously for six hours without having any problems.


  • This pressure washer is not as quiet as other available pressure washers.
  • The soap dispenser is separate. It is not intended to be used in conjunction with the pressure sprayer – just for applying soap. It gives off low pressure for the detergent to be incorporated into the water.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to remove the hose. It is even harder to remove it when attached for a long time. This is also the case for the pressure hose. It is a challenge to disconnect it from the unit.
  • It tends to have leaking problems with the connection of wand to the attachment piece.
  • Overheating and shutting down after several seconds occur in certain situations.

GreenWorks GPW1702 Review 2018 Recommendations:

The GreenWorks GPW1702 pressure washer is recommended for washing cars, as well as cleaning almost any household and outdoor essentials. If the unit tips over, you can use it in a horizontal position. It is designed for both vertical and horizontal positions.

For cleaning cars, it is best to purchase an add-on soap cannon intended for pressure washers with higher PSI. It will work great.

As with any other pressure washer or any cleaning tool, we recommend that you dismantle the hose from the unit after each use. Not being able to do so will surely make it a challenge to remove the hose. When connecting the two ends, you should never force them together. Make sure you properly thread them together. If not, the cross threading will make the hose really difficult to remove.

To avoid overheating issues, purge the unit before each use. Initially, you have to make sure that the unit is turned off. Connect the pressure washer to the garden hose. Then, connect the high-pressure hose to the wand with no attached nozzle. Turn on the water, hold down, then squeeze the trigger for two minutes to help relieve built-up pressure.

Since the product comes with its own GFCI cord, use it directly into the power source instead of an extension cord.

We hope that this GreenWorks GPW1700 Review 2018 will help you make the best choice on which pressure washer to buy and use for your car. Moreover, you can easily compare this product with other pressure washers that made it to our top ten list of best pressure washers for 2018. Read about our extensive and comparative review about the 10 Best Pressure Washer for Cars 2018.

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GreenWorks GPW1700 best pressure washer for cars

Product Specification:

Here are the specific details of the product.





Power Source

Corded Electric

Pressure Rating

1700 PSI

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GreenWorks GPW1702
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