GreenWorks GPW1501 Review 2018

GreenWorks-GPW1501 best pressure washer for cars

This post is about our GreenWorks GPW1501 Review 2018. Here is a comprehensive evaluation of the product.

Best used for:

The product is best used for car washing and detailing. GreenWorks GPW1501 also works best in cleaning boats and other similar transportation vehicles. This is also a great cleaning equipment for house and structural essentials such as windows, shower, tiles, grout, and for every small home cleaning jobs. Moreover, the pressure washer also works wonders on outdoor essentials such as fences, bricked walls, patios, pavers, porch, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, house vinyl sidings, barbecue pits, and even wrought iron gates. It easily and effectively removes grime, stains, and algae from porch flooring, decks, log cabin, and similar areas. This product is not just for washing, but also for ‘sweeping’ debris. This can also be used for cleaning delicate surfaces and every type of wood because of its adjustable pressure settings.


  • This pressure washer is easy to assemble. It does not take time and technical know-how to put it together. Anyone can assemble it in a matter of minutes.
  • GreenWorks GPW1501 is lightweight and compact yet powerful. It boasts of having a small body but its power is comparable to big and bulky pressure washers. When compared to bigger GreenWorks pressure washers, there is just a small difference in terms of power.
  • The product is practically-priced. Considering its low price, you get the features of more expensive and bigger pressure washers. Perfect for a household budget.
  • It is so portable that you can have it on-the-go. Very easy to move around with as well as disassemble and store.
  • Very quiet. It does not make that loud sound as compared to common pressure washers.
  • It provides two spray tips for versatility. The product has a green pressure washer, also called ‘washing tip’. It has a 25-degree angle tip. This was primarily designed at that angle so as not to damage surfaces.  The wide angle tip is for sweeping foliage and different kinds of debris. The other tip is the white tip that has a 40-degree angle, also called the ‘fan tip’. This enables wide area cleaning coverage with low pressure. It is suitable for cleaning wood and delicate surfaces.


  • The high-pressure discharge hose is a little short.
  • Its soap dispenser is made of low-quality material. It does not appear heavy duty and reliable.
  • After several uses, it has the tendency to run faster than the normal speed yet the pressure is not as strong as expected.
  • The water hose easily disconnects any given time. It causes a leak and creates great hassle throughout the cleaning process.

best pressure washer GreenWorks-GPW1501 review 2018

GreenWorks GPW1501 Review 2018 Recommendations:

With the few cons of GreenWorks GPW1501 pressure washer, we still consider it as a great tool for washing cars. It is a powerhouse of sorts despite its small size. Lightweight and small does not mean lesser power. On the other hand, we can always deem the low-quality soap dispenser as pardonable. You can easily replace it with a better quality. Better yet, the product can be used with a foam cannon instead of a soap dispenser. Since we are cleaning cars, it would be best to use foam in cleaning. In addition, It is easy to replace the hose with a longer one. The upgrade on the hose is not hurtful, considering the advantage of the product.

As for the speed issue, it is best to purge the unit before each use. Turn the unit off, then connect the high-pressure hose and the spray gun. With no nozzle, turn on the garden hose while the pressure washer is off. Squeeze the spray gun trigger to excrete water and air from the unit for 1 to 2 minutes. Clear out any debris from the hole with a  paper clip or anything similar.

We aim that this GreenWorks GPW1501 Review 2018 of ours will help you in arriving at an informed decision when opting for the best washer to buy for your car. Review our comparative and comprehensive list of 10 Best Pressure Washer for Cars 2018 for further details.

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Product Specification:

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Power Source

Corded Electric

Pressure Rating

1500 PSI

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GreenWorks GPW1501
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