Best 13 Car Maintenance Hacks To Save Huge Money This Year

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Having a car is like having another child when you consider the expenses that come with it. Aside from the chattel mortgage, you will need a lot of funds for maintaining the looks and overall function of your car. Having that said, it is best to know the smart ways of maintaining your car to lessen the amount you spend.

We have listed the best 13 car maintenance hacks that will make you save a lot this coming year.

1. Repair Dents by Yourself

car maintenance hacks 2018 - remove dents

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your beloved car get dented. Getting dents put car owners in a bad mood. Its because dents do not only affect the appearance of the car’s body, but also it spells out additional big bucks to shell out. If the dents are deep and wide, it is imperative that you have them repaired by expert denters. However, for shallow ones, you can save a lot of time and money by fixing such dents all by yourself. It may seem hard to manage dents, but it is easier than you think.

Small dents can be repaired using a plunger. This will work on the hood, roof, or doors. On the other hand, a plunger is not for surfaces close to fenders, wheel wells, or windows.

car maintenance hacks 2018 - remove dents dry ice

Shallow dents are also easily corrected using dry ice. Wear gloves or mitts, then rub the dry ice around the dent. Afterwards, wait for the cooled surface to respond to the warm air. Expect the dent to pop out. If not, you can always repeat the process.

car maintenance hacks 2018 - remove dents hair dryer

Lastly, the safest way to deal with dents is using the heat out of hair dryers. Let its heat expand around the dent. As a result, the compressed air will then contract the metal to its initial shape.

2. Steer Clear of Air Fresheners

car maintenance hacks 2018 - tea bag air freshener

Why buy air fresheners when you can make your own safe air freshener at a fraction of the cost? Just wrap a tea bag in a breathable cloth and put it on the mirror. You can choose any tea flavors that gives off a smell that you like.

3. Easily Clear Headlights

car maintenance hacks 2018 - headlight clear toothpaste

Headlights should always be clear so you can see your way sharply at night. Remove the fog using toothpaste. Toothpaste mildly cleanses the surface like it would on your teeth. Alternatively, you can use Coca-cola to remove the dust off swiftly. However, when doing so, make sure to cover the rest of the car with towels.

4. Take Care of the Windshield

car maintenance hacks 2018 - winsdshield nail polish

Always protect the windshield from natural elements such as snow and rain. You have to cover it with an appropriately-sized car cover. But if you do not have one, you can always have a blanket or tablecloth for a cover.

If the windshield has a small crack, you can prevent the crack from getting bigger by using a nail polish. Just put some nail polish on the fracture.

5. Safely Eliminate Rust

car maintenance hacks 2018 - remove rust using coca cola

Rusts are detrimental to metal parts of the vehicle. However, we cannot prevent such parts from rusting. But we can avoid further corrosion with Coca-cola. Pour it directly on the corroded surface, then rub gently using a kitchen sponge.

6. Get Rid of the Grime in the Interiors

car maintenance hacks 2018 - remove dust using magic eraser

Sticky dirt and grime inside your car can make your interiors look dirty. Nothing makes a person more uneasy than riding a dirty car. That is why it is a must to have them removed promptly. You can do so by just using a magic eraser. Doing so efficiently erases the dirt on the upholstery, vinyl, and just about any surface. Besides, you can use a toothbrush to scrub off the dirt in between folds and cracks.

7. Get Right on Car Seats

car maintenance hacks 2018 - clean car seat using steam cleaner

Car seats are one of the dirtiest inside the car. Food droppings, sweat, and just about everything comes into contact with it. That is why it is a great practice to ensure its cleanliness. Clean car seats do not require much cost. You don’t have to go to a detailer to have them cleaned. You can do it yourself by cleaning using a steam cleaner. A blasted steam cleaner will eliminate germs. You only have to do this once a year.

8. Examine the Rubbers

car maintenance hacks 2018 - winter blades

Rubber parts such as tires, belts, hoses, and wiper blades need all the caring like the other parts of the car. Damaged rubbers could also mean a lot of costs. That is why it is best to always check on them. Use winter blades during winter and replace the regular wiper blades ideally twice a year. Make sure the tires are always in excellent condition and that they have the appropriate amount of pressure.

9. Check the Brakes

car maintenance hacks 2018 - change brake fluid

Having adequate and fresh brake fluids is vital to both you and your car’s safety. Hence, it is imperative to change the old brake fluid with a new one every year.

10. Check the Battery

car maintenance hacks 2018 - change car battery

A car’s battery may last for more than four years. However, it is best to change it every three to four years to make sure that it does not leave you unprepared. Changing the battery by yourself will help you save a lot. Don’t wait to pay a lot more for car services when you get stuck somewhere because of a drained battery.

11. Wash the Car Mattings

car maintenance hacks 2018 - clean car floor mats using washing machine

Smelly car floor mats are not good to have so you also have to deal with them. Cleaning them is not that hard. You simply drop them in the washing machine.

12. Save on the Air Conditioning

car maintenance hacks 2018 - roll down side windows

During summer, the air conditioning unit works double time. Thus, doubling the energy and cost. So try getting rid of the hot air inside the car by rolling down the side windows or opening the doors three to four times. This will release the heat and help your air conditioning unit in cooling your car.

13. Clean the Fuel System

car maintenance hacks 2018 - cleaning the fuel system

Having a clean fuel system increases the car’s horsepower and lessens engine knocking. Also, it prevents oxidation and corrosion. Just add a premium formula to clean the fuel system. Pour it on the gas tank. This lessens your fuel consumption and generates savings for you.

Neglecting your car won’t save you money. In fact, you’ll spend much more and worts, endanger your life and your loved ones. Here are 5 simple ways you could be damaging your car.

Following these 13 car maintenance hacks will make you avoid unnecessary costs, saving you a lot of money this year.

Best 13 Car Maintenance Hacks To Save Huge Money This Year
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Best 13 Car Maintenance Hacks To Save Huge Money This Year
There are simple ways we can do that saves us money. One of those is proper car care. We have listed 13 different ways you can save this 2018 on your car.
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