5 Critical Parts Of Your Vehicle That Must Be Properly Maintained

5 Critical Parts Of Your Vehicle That Must Be Properly Maintained

Your car… it’s one of the more important investments you will make in your life – not once or twice but several times. When it comes to your vehicle, you must ensure that it’s in good working condition at all times. You have to make sure that the tires are properly aired up, the oil is changed regularly and that your battery is strong and powerful for those cold winter days when it takes more power for the car to start.

What are some other things you should be concerned about when it comes to your car?

1.) Tire Pressure

Most people – male and female – tend to overlook their tires unless it’s got a flat. However, did you know that your vehicle’s tire pressure could be a cause of many car problems? For example, if you suddenly start experiencing shaking while driving at a certain speed, you may think it’s something to do with the inside of your vehicle or that the tires are out of balance.

Believe it or not, low tire pressure, especially on older model vehicles, can cause shaking.

Auto manufacturers will recommend the tire pressure needed for each make and model. Look at the driver’s side door to learn what this recommended amount is. And, if you can’t read the label, err on the safe side and don’t fill it past 32 pounds.

2. & 3.) Air Intake and Transmission Filter

Most vehicle owners remember to change the oil and oil filter. However, your air intake and transmission filter also need a little love and attention. Has your vehicle been acting up when shifting?

Here’s what you have to understand: there is a small screen that allows the fluid to flow freely through the transmission. If that screen is clogged with debris, it could make hard for you to shift your vehicle. Rather than assuming you need a new, costly transmission, it could be that you just need to flush out the transmission fluid.

4.) Engine

Your car engine is one of the hearts of your vehicle, and it’s vitally important that you take good care of it. Today’s car engines are comprised of plastic, and you don’t want it to become corroded or rusted. Therefore, don’t use water to clean your engine. Instead, you need a certified engine degreaser to remove all the grime from it. If you do decide to use water, do it quickly.

5.) Headlights

Think of your headlights as your eyes – in some respects, that’s what they are. As a car “ages,” the headlight covers begin to oxidize. This oxidization causes the lights to dull and becomes hazy. With glass cleaner and newspaper (due to the ink), you can remove the hazy film from the headlights.

Key Tricks To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Its Best

Window and Other Rubber

When it comes to the rubber on your vehicle, keeping it out of the sun and heat will ensure its longevity. However, if you can’t do this, applying a proper rubber cleaner to a napkin and rubbing the protectant on it can extend its permanency. Also, place your fingers into the canals of the window – this is where the rubber meets the window. If it’s clean, you lessen wind noise.


Chewing gum and carpets do not mix. And, if you or a child like chewing gum, the inevitable is bound to happen. The gum will wind up stuck into the carpet. How do you get gum out of your carpet? Use acetone.

Body Paint

When it comes to waxing the body of your vehicle, you need to be careful not to peel off the paint. Now, you have the option to use a power tool to wax your car or do it by hand. Buffers definitely speed up the buffing process; but, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could do more damage to your car. In this case, it would be best to hand buff your vehicle instead. A paint job on a vehicle can run around $15,000.

The great thing about today’s wax products is that they’re not like the yester-years. In the past, a person would spend an entire day polishing their vehicle. Today, there are wax sprays that let you remove the dirt and dust within an hour. It gives a whole new meaning to “Wax On, Wax Off.”

Choosing The Right Cloth For Your Vehicle

When it comes to cloths to use on your car, you want a clean microfiber, as they don’t scratch the paint like an old rag or towel. Microfibers don’t collect dirt like a towel or rag does, keeping the paint looking like new.

When Should You Clean Your Car/Truck?

The best cleaning time is when it’s cool and not so bright. When a vehicle sits in the hot sun, the paint becomes softer. This causes dirt to get into the paint, meaning you’re not really cleaning the car.

A Look At Leno’s Garage Products

All the detailed products were developed in a garage, taking 10 years to perfect and money from the detail guys’ own pockets. Most people, who’ve never used the product line before, may equate them with any other car detailing products. However, they’re anything but the same.

One such product that Leno’s Garage came up with is the metal polish. This one was a bit difficult to come up with, as metal polishes tend to have grit in them. A vehicle will shine with the metal polish, but the abrasiveness wears the finish out. However, with some trial and error, Leno’s Garage came up with a more environmentally-friendly chemical that works well on nickel, chrome and stainless steel finishes.

When people purchase a car, they often see it as an extension of themselves. They may even give it a name and take care of it like it was a part of the family. And, even though this may be the case, some of these owners forget that vehicle maintenance goes beyond oil changes, brake checks and more.

If you truly want your vehicle to last a long time, take it to a reputable mechanic to ensure that all its parts are in good working condition.

5 Critical Parts Of Your Vehicle That Must Be Properly Maintained
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5 Critical Parts Of Your Vehicle That Must Be Properly Maintained
What are some other things you should be concerned about when it comes to your car? We have listed 5 things car owner should know on proper car maintenance.
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